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AVECOS has been a reliable partner for years in the service area. Reliability, trust and a great price-performance ratio is shaping us. AVECOS Corporation represents a broad spectrum of activities.

Our global focus on the service sector, with offices in the metropolitan regions gives us the ability, to offer our services competent, reliable and cheap in the vast catchment area of our locations.

Continuous development of our team, innovative ideas and creativity for all our services for you, the customer, characterize us. Savor the feeling of being well taken care of!


Garden Service

Everything around your garden - we are always there for you! Competent, timely and tidy work at reasonable prices.

Garden, ponds, tree and lawn care, litter removal, repairs - our team is looking forward to your tasks and date requests!

Do pass and independent and give your work in a reasonable flat rate to us as an alternative to individual orders. We look continuously at the given tasks. Enjoy your free time in a friendly atmosphere!

Professional organization and project work with our experienced office team. Accessibility, reasonable scheduling and quality control are all benefits that can only offer a larger company with local sites.


Cleaning Service

Our professional and friendly cleaning teams always ensure gloss in your home! Let us convince you of the perfection we quickly, silently and orderly take over your cleaning task ecologically!

We provide cleaning service:

  • Household cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Stairwell cleaning
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Patio cleaning
  • Blinds cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Construction site cleaning

You will be surprised! Simply use our sample purification and be convinced. We are happy to help!


Janitorial Service

Almost legendary, and not to replace - the caretaker.

AVECOS builds on the tradition and offers a high-quality janitorial services.

Whether with a caretaker in their original form or with a team of specialists in the building management, reliability and quality are always guaranteed.


Premium Car Cleaning

Luxury vehicles require specific care. AVECOS offers by specially trained personnel from Europe the best care with the selected cleaning and care products. Our used tools are optimally matched to the ambience of your vehicle.

We reflect on our experience from the automotive engineering field for German premium manufacturers in the service for your vehicle. Take the chance and let us convince you of the special service in the UAE!


Yacht Cleaning

Your yacht - an expression of elegance and pride!

We want to help to get long these beauties. Our specially trained cleaning staff are familiar in dealing with vessels and keep the shine and radiance of your possessions.

AVECOS has high standards in the handling of ships and the use of appropriate cleaning and care products. It offers a sophisticated ambiance and drag the attention!


Aircraft Cleaning

The special ambience of your aircraft requires an appreciation also for cleaning. Specially trained staff that carrying out the work with the necessary sensitivity and selected detergents characterize us as good partners. Interior and exterior cleaning of the highest quality for a comfortable travel for you and your guests and the attention on the floor you deserve


Other Service

The AVECOS service team is also available for you during your absence. We maintain your garden, collect your mail, take orders for mail-forwarding and much more. You can always vote with us and assign daily tasks.

Also the safety of your property is our priority. With our business unit SecurXty, we offer customized security services, such as personal video monitoring with mobile equipment or personal visits.


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